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Welcome to the MarketTime API Documentation. Thank you for your interest in learning about the MarketTime API!

MarketTime offers a suite of APIs that empower developers to efficiently and securely move data in and out of the MarketTime application. The APIs allow developers to read and write user data, interoperate with other systems and platforms, and serve to extend the platform's built-in features. The APIs enable numerous use cases for Brands and Sales Agencies, and provide endpoints for all key data elements contained in the MarketTime platform, including: Orders, Items, Item Images, Invoices, Customers, Salespeople, Manufacturers, and Sales Agencies This documentation provides comprehensive information about how to use the MarketTime APIs effectively and integrate them seamlessly into your applications.

Getting Started:
To get started, you’ll need an API key, which you can obtain by contacting MarketTime here. Once you have your API key, you can explore the various endpoints and functionality offered by the API.

API Authentication:
To access our API endpoints, authentication is required using your unique API key. Please ensure that your API key is included in the request header with the key 'x-api-key' for each endpoint you intend to call. Safeguarding your API key is crucial to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

URL Path Parameters:
The MarketTime API uses a few common parameters through most of the available endpoints.  These are specified in the individual endpoints.

They are defined as follows:

  • Who Am I:
    The "Who Am I" identifier within each API endpoint denotes either your Repgroup ID (R123) or Manufacturer ID (M123). Your corresponding Repgroup ID or Manufacturer ID can be located at the top of the homepage page upon logging into your MarketTime account. For more information on the user roles within MarketTime, click here.
  • Whose Info Do I Want to Get:
    This field specifies the Manufacturer ID (M123), Salesperson ID (S123), or Retailer ID (B123) for which you intend to retrieve information via the corresponding GET endpoint.
  • Whose Info Do I Want to Update:
    This field denotes the Manufacturer ID (M123), Salesperson ID (S123), or Retailer ID (B123) for which you intend to update information through the designated PUT endpoint.

Domain Name:

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